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Provocation 1.0

Wednesday, 8 June 2022
*What does being independent mean to you?
*Is being independent and doing what you choose to do to achieve your goals important to you? What stops you or slows you down in reaching your goals?

Provocation 1.1


Recent Answers

What being independent means to me is being able to do things for yourself and being able to do what you what you want to. Yes being independent is important to me so that I can live my full potential

To me it means to do something by myself without the need of help. personally I find that doing something myself feels a lot more rewarding. I tend to procrastinate alot and it stops slows me down.

It means that I can achieve things on my own. Yes it is important to me because I look forward to achieving my goal. Sometimes I get distracted by people talking but I achieve my goal in the end. 

Being able to achieve things on my own. Yes it is important to me because I look forward to achieving my goal. I get distracted by people sometimes but I do achieve my goal in the end.     

Independents is like when a bird gets pushed from its nest. Its when you go off and do what you want to do and where you can figure it out yourself. Achieving goals is you trying and not giving up. 

Independence creates emotions connected to freedom and responsibility. Yes it is important. Sometimes uncertainty slows me down.