A Digital Playhouse Foundation community for (de)financial literacy.

The School of ₿itcoin   

"A Decentralised Autonomous Education System"
🅐 Certified Mentors over the Lightning Network
🅑 ₿TC pool to fund learner projects (problem based learning)
🅒  An open curriculum (consensus driven)

Kieran Nolan
Kieran has over 10 years experience in the BTC industry, his areas of expertise include: Lightning Network Integration, Mining Setup and Maintenance, Security and Hardware Wallets, Full Node Implementation, and IPFS.

Electra Frost
⚡ vida.page/electra
Electra has been a business advisor for 20 years+ | Early adopter of cloud technologies | Always innovating within my own practice to guide others | Reporting Bitcoin on the balance sheet since 2014.

Oliver White
⚡ vida.page/tigs
Oliver has had several years working and studying the workings of Bitcoin and other Blockchains. Areas of expertise lie in Node installation, hardware wallet consultation as well as a budding interest in Self-hosting and Lightning.
Gordon Christian
⚡ vida.page/gordon
Starting with Australia's first Digital Currency Town in 2018 Gordon is shining the light for many on the pathway to Bitcoin adoption. The Bitcoin station is always open and tickets to ride are free.


A Digital Playhouse Foundation open project to build a dynamic consensus driven curriculum & community specifically for (de)financial literacy that has the ability to plug into any institution to support learners on problem and project based learning journeys.

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